About the Owner


Bake Shop 420 is a woman owned and operated business. JC is a business woman, consultant and medical marijuana maven. Born and raised in Los Angeles, She has been a go-getter and a people person from a very young age. In kindergarten she bought and sold goldfish for profit and never looked back. Today she is a successful mother of two, building a fast-expanding medical marijuana edibles company while also consulting for individuals looking to invest in the cannabis industry.
She has worked non-stop within the catering and food business, both as chef and CEO. Her craft service company, She’s Crafty, had an impressive list of clients including CBS’s “How I Met Your Mother,” and eight seasons of “Junkyard Wars” on Discovery Channel. She parlayed that business into Party Girl Events, handling private parties and special events. Ever the entrepreneur, she also ran a successful hot dog cart in Hawaii called Dano Dogs. Much of that success came from her own personal design for the cart, which she had custom built and shipped from the Mainland. Additionally, Jeannette oversaw the build-to-hire process of the famous Bob’s Big Boy restaurant in Northridge, CA. She is also a certified management trainer for the franchise.
Currently, She is focused on growing her medical marijuana edibles company. Bakeshop 420 specializes in lab tested baked goods that are both healing and delicious. Her products range from brownies and banana bread to canna butter and fresh apple cobbler. As a medical marijuana patient herself, Jeannette says “Medical marijuana edibles have helped me immensely. I no longer turn to pharmaceuticals to ease my pain, anxiety, or insomnia. Instead I have made these delicious treats that I bake myself and now want to share with others!”
As a consultant, JC connects people within the medical marijuana arena with those outside who can see the growth in the industry and want to invest. She has the right connections to perfectly put people together as well as the knowledge necessary regarding the many laws and business practices within the medical marijuana sector. Her hands-on approach to business and people truly makes her stand out as one of Los Angeles’ up-and-coming leaders in the cannabis Industry.