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Bake Shop 420 has been licensed and legal to operate since 2014. Our bakery is in a Canna-Mecca city, Los Angeles. We have access to the best quality, highest THC content and the freshest products available on the market. We produce our own CannaButter with fresh California Flower and all natural organic butter ~ 2018 Edibles Magazine 1 st place ~ edible made with CannaButter 2018 Edibles magazine 2 nd place ~ Best CannaButter We create our own recipes and use our award winning CannaButter to produce excellent quality, delicious tasting products with EXTREMELY HIGH THC content in a flavorful edible with a hint of canna taste. We have never met a heavy hitter that can handle these special Triple Chocolate Brownies ~ we operate our bakery with knowledge of the product we use, follow all safety standards and believe in our products to remedy and relax

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