Christmas Edibles

Green Chocolate Christmas 🌲 Tree Edible Ornaments

Decadent Chocolate Marajuana Leaf Hanging EDIBLE Ornament. Using HEMP for the loop, hang it, dance around your Christmas Tree then 


approx. 1oz 40mg. THC

(hemp is edible but not recommended)

$   5.00 each

Double-Dipped Chocolate 🍫 Rice Crisp & Marshmallow Treats

Made Fresh w/GENEROUS AMOUNT OF our AWARD WINNING CANNABUTTER & Marshmallows; as if that’s not enough to relax, we then COVERED the TREATS THICK with DECADENT MEDICATED CHOCOLATE.  $ 10.00

(cannabutter & oil = double dipped YUMMY!

Decadent Chocolate Fudge

Simple, sweet good ol‘ fashion Chocolate Fudge. Melts in your mouth and chills you out. approx 1ounce bites 50mg.THC


Award Winning Triple Chocolate Brownie They’re MAGICAL!

3 Ounce package 

270mg. THC 


Giant Chocolate 🍫Dipped Pretzel Sticks

Giant Chocolate Dipped Pretzels                 Salty & Sweet

Doubled-Dipped in Decadent Milk Chocolate.      2 giant Pretzels per pack. approx. 40mg. THC EACH 

I package w/2 pretzel.        80mg. THC total. 


🍪Cookies 🍪 Cookies 🍪 Cookies

 Fresh Baked with our 


  • Sugar Cookie
  • Pumpkin Spice Cookie
  • Chocolate Chip

each package has SAME 2 cookies

each cookie approx. 40 mg. THC

2 cookie package total 80 mg. THC

2 pack Cookies $12.00